Bringing processing innovation to the critical-metals supply chain

Welcome to Innovation Metals

Innovation Metals Corp. (IMC) is a private Toronto-based company, founded to develop cost-effective processing solutions for many of the metals that are vital to today’s high-tech society. Our goal is to provide low-cost separation and purification processes to the critical-metals industry, enabling mining companies to compete in today’s global marketplace.

IMC is the developer of the RapidSX™ process, which utilizes the time-proven chemistry of the solvent-extraction separation process, while dramatically reducing the number of separation stages, plant footprint and associated capital expenditures. The process also leads to significant reductions in operating costs and time to process completion.
The proprietary RapidSX process has been used successfully at pilot scale, to separate rare-earth elements, lithium, nickel and cobalt, all with commercial-grade purities. Testing of the process for a number of other metals is currently underway. IMC has also developed a unique leaching and acid-regeneration process, for upstream processing of metal ores into the concentrates required for the RapidSX process.