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IMC to Participate in US Department of Defense Rare-Earth Project and Launches Lab-Scale Solvent Extraction Pilot Plant Program

June 5th, 2014  

TORONTO, June 5, 2014 – Innovation Metals Corp. (IMC or the Company) today announced its participation in a new $1.2M rare-earth supply-chain development program, led by Technology Metals Research, LLC (TMR) and funded by the US Army Research Laboratory (ARL), part of the US Department of Defense (DOD).

IMC joins a dozen other participants in the program, which will enable the Company to construct and to operate a 120-stage, lab-scale rare-earth-element (REE) pilot plant. The plant will be used to test solvent-extraction (SX) process-flow diagrams, for the extraction and separation of REEs, focused on the much sought-after heavy REEs. read more