Bringing processing innovation to the critical-metals supply chain

Company Overview

Company Overview

Innovation Metals Corp. (IMC) is a private, Toronto-based company, founded in 2011 to develop cost-effective solutions for the separation and purification of critical metals.

The company’s first major initiative was the development of solvent-extraction (SX) capabilities for the separation of rare-earth elements (REEs) in North America. Through a program initially funded by the US Army Research Laboratory, part of the US Department of Defense, IMC developed the proprietary RapidSX™ process, and successfully applied it to the commercial-grade separation of REEs at the pilot scale.

Additional work to apply the RapidSX process to the separation of nickel and cobalt followed, with the successful production of these metals at pilot scale and with commercial purities. More recently, the process also been applied successfully to the extraction and separation of lithium from brines.

The RapidSX process utilizes the time-proven chemistry of the SX process, while dramatically reducing the number of separation stages, plant footprint and associated capital expenditures. The process also leads to significant reductions in operating costs and time to process completion.

IMC is in the process of developing demonstration facilities for the application of the RapidSX process to REE and lithium separation. Revenues will be derived from the outputs of these facilities; the company is also interested in partnering with financial and strategic partners to incorporate the process into current and future mining and minerals-processing projects, through joint ventures, technology licensing and other models.

IMC’s management team comprises industry veterans and critical-metals experts, with years of experience and extensive networks.  IMC is committed to working with producers, end-use consumers and traders, to create a more efficient industry, using practical solutions.

To discuss the company’s plans further, interested parties are invited to get in touch with IMC via the contact form.